The Speakeasy Coffee Subscription Program

How it Works
Think of this like any true subscription program. Similar to your favorite magazine or one of those TV show binge-watching platforms. You will be prompted to setup an account to manage payment and shipping information.

There are two main subscription categories and each category has three frequency options (weekly, bi-weekly, & monthly) as well as three coffee category options (blends, single origins, & mix of blends and single origins). In all cases, the bag size is our standard 12 ounce bag. Our roaster will pick the coffees for each shipment. This way, you get to try a variety of coffees from around the world and expand your tasting palate.  If you would like to receive specific coffee offering(s), please make a note of this at checkout and we will be sure to accommodate the request.

Before you pick a category, please visit our Blends & Single Origins pages to view current offerings.

Choose your category:
Two Bag Plan – option of blends, single origins or mix
Four Bag Plan – option of blends, single origins or mix

Choose your shipping frequency:
Monthly: 1st Friday
Bi-Weekly: 2nd & 4th Friday
Weekly: Every Friday

Payments for your selected frequency will be recurring for up to a year and can be cancelled at any time.  Of course, your coffee will stop arriving if you cancel your payment.

Because nobody likes to pay extra for shipping, we have included it in each pricing category.

Send questions to We’ll get back to you quickly.