Mexico Mixteca



Fair Trade & Organic

Smooth & Balanced, Nutty with Subtle Notes of Chamomile



Sourced from a Fair Trade & Organic certified Co-op


Tasting Notes: Smooth & Balanced, Nutty with Subtle Notes of Chamomile

Region: Mixteca

Process: Washed, Sun Dried

Growing Altitude: 900-1700 meters

Varietal: Typica, Bourbon


We recommend a filtered brewing method like pour-over, chemex®, or regular drip.


*Please understand that Tasting Notes are not added flavoring. Each coffee has a unique, natural flavor profile that is brought out during the roasting process. The listed notes are derived from taste testing throughout the process.



Additional information

Grind Setting

whole bean, cone drip filter, espresso, flat bottom drip, french press, percolator


12 oz

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