Kopi Luwak | Wild Certified



Smooth & Delectable

Palm Civet Poop Coffee




Known as the “most expensive coffee in the world,” Kopi Luwak is very possibly one of the smoothest, most easy-drinking coffees you will ever try. Thanks mainly to the digestive tract of the palm civet. While this coffee certainly isn’t an every day drinker, we thinks it’s worth a try.



100% Wild Sourced & Certified from the Arul Badak jungle of Gayo, North Sumatra.


There will be one roast/production date for this coffee on December 19. Orders will ship December 20. Possibly another production run after the new year.


We recommend a filtered brewing method like pour-over or chemex®.


*Please understand that Tasting Notes are not added flavoring. Each coffee has a unique, natural flavor profile that is brought out during the roasting process. The listed notes are derived from taste testing throughout the process.

Additional information

Grind Setting

whole bean, cone drip filter, espresso, flat bottom drip, french press, percolator


2 ounces

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