Half Nelson (Half-Caffeinated)



Smoky, Sweet Chocolate with a Smooth Finish



Tasting Notes: Smoky, Sweet Chocolate with a Smooth Finish

Roast Level: Medium-Dark

Perfect for afternoon and evening coffee drinkers. Just because it is half the caffeine doesn’t mean it is half the flavor. Half Nelson leaves nothing to compromise, offering a complexity and balance to please any palate.


Half Nelson is a great filter coffee. We recommend a pour-over or regular drip brewing method.


*Please understand that Tasting Notes are not added flavoring. Each coffee has a unique, natural flavor profile that is brought out during the roasting process. The listed notes are derived from taste testing throughout the process.

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Grind Setting

whole bean, cone drip filter, espresso, flat bottom drip, french press, percolator


12 oz

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