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Dark Cherry & Orange Zest with a Bittersweet Chocolate Undertone; Smooth Finish with a Pleasant Acidity



High up in the mountains of the Anitgua region of Guatemala is a small, 400 year old farm called El Pintado. The owner, Mercedes Arzú Wilson, takes great pride in the sustainability of this farm and in the ethical practices in which shefinca_maria_el_pintado_gallery_019 treats her workers. Employees are payed per day instead of per pound of coffee picked which creates an incentive to harvest only the perfectly ripe cherries. The 50 million strong worm farm allows for the ideal organic fertilizer to keep the coffee plant strong & healthy in order to protect itself from pests and other threats. El Pintado houses its own ecological mill specifically designed to recycle water, eventually making its way back into the ground. It is the combination of these practices that creates a high quality, specialty bean. Speakeasy Coffee Company is honored to make this coffee easily available to you.


The term, Farm Direct, means we sourced this coffee without any brokers or middlemen and acted as the importer to get this coffee into the United States. Our roaster, Nelson, is in continued communication with Mercedes and looks forward to building a strong relationship with this farm.





Tasting Notes: Dark Cherry & Orange Zest with a Bittersweet Chocolate Undertone; Smooth Finish with a Pleasant Acidity

Region: Antigua

Process: Wet Process, Sun-Dried

Growing Altitude: 1500+ meters

Varietal: 35% Caturra, 35% Catuai, 25% Bourbon, 5% Sarchimor



We recommend a filtered brewing method like pour-over or chemex®.


*Please understand that Tasting Notes are not added flavoring. Each coffee has a unique, natural flavor profile that is brought out during the roasting process. The listed notes are derived from taste testing throughout the process.

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Grind Setting

whole bean, cone drip filter, espresso, flat bottom drip, french press, percolator


8 oz

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